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The Sweep
Copper Chimney Shroud

Copper Sweep Chimney Shroud  

This is our standard Sweep Chimney Shroud.. We will manufacture your base cap to match surveyed chimney, ensuring a water tight product. Custom sizes available.  With its open top and classic design, the Sweep is a great choice to finish the top of your outdoor fireplace or Pizza Oven with a timeless top that is both modern and classic at the same time.  They also work well to hide multiple flues in one chimney top, providing a detail that can accentuate a house, not overpower it.

standing seam sweep copper shroudcopper patina green standing seam sweep shroud

We can also fabricate your Sweep Chimney Shroud with standing seams to give it a bit more detail.  These are all custom made, hand crafted here in the United States.  Your imagination is the limit of what we can provide!

This is a Kynar Painted Alum Standing Seam Sweep Chimney Top 

Metal Thickness Can Be .032 or .040

Different Colors Offered 

Sometimes our customers want a closed top on their Sweep shroud.  This is to protect the chimney flues from the snow and the rain.  In order to provide both a roof for protection and area for the fireplaces to draft, we have created a design with copper punch screen along the top.  The standing seam sweep shroud below went to a customer in Ohio with both a wood burning fireplace and gas burning fireplace in the same chimney chase.

copper chimney shroud, copper shroud, sweep shroudstanding seam copper chimney shroud, copper shroud, sweep shroud


Shoreham, Long Island Sweeps

A Long Island based construction company is building a large house in Shoreham.  This house is on a bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound.  Unhappy with the products offered by his chimney supplier to disguise the caps needed by the direct vent gas fireplaces (intake and exhaust), the construction company had us fabricate two standing seam sweep shrouds.

The builder provided us with the dimensions and layout of the chimney tops, which we used to create shop drawings.  Once approved, the shrouds were fabricated.  Installation was quick with no modifications needed.  These were fabricated out of 20 oz copper, with 32 oz mounting legs to handle any wind that may arise.

Click the pictures for greater detail

copper shroud standing seam copper shroud

fancy copper chimney caps

copper chimney top


pizza oven fan upblast fan

Have a fireplace or a wood fired oven that just won't draft correctly?  We stock and sell the Enervex GSV line of fans for pizza ovens.  These vertical discharge fans are quiet and easily hidden by our open top Sweep copper chimney shroud.


copper chimney pot finishes copper finishes 
See our installation guide for more information.

how to measure for a chimney cap






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