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Pictures from the Workshop

Like we said before, our copper chimney pots are hand made in the USA.  Every now and then someone snaps a pic.  Here are a few shots from the shop and the field to give you an idea of what goes into making your product.

custom copper chimney caps

copper chimney cap big shear

custom copper finials

A set of Dallas Chimney Caps heading to Hawaii

Another one of the Dallas Caps heading to Hawaii

Some roof top Finials


copper hip ridge chimney cap

custom copper range hood

welding a custom range hood

A Simplified Cap we made for a local customer

A not so simple Copper Range Hood

Welding the steel frame for that large copper range hood


steel chimney pot art deco chimney

art deco copper chimney pot

roman custom copper chimney pots

A New Art-Deco Pot we're working on.  This one is steel

That same square art deco pot, installed on a pitched slate roof

Roman Chimney Pots, ready to go out to a customer



copper chimney pots and chase

Some Edinburgh Chimney Pots in the middle of being attached to a chase cover.



Natural Burnished Patina Lead Dipped Stainless Natural Sanded


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