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The Hacienda
Copper Chimney Shroud

Hacienda Copper Shroud Picture  

Hacienda Chimney Shroud Rendering

With it's rounded top, detailed corner supports, and arched windows, the Hacienda cap has been designed to replicate some of the classic structures located around the Mediterranean.  This hand crafted piece will be made to the size of your exact chimney crown, with the proper proportions to ensure architectural integrity.

The Hacienda chimney shroud is a great statement piece that really stands out on outdoor fireplaces.  The design complements other aspects of the yard such as pergolas, retaining walls, firepits, and built in seating areas.

Looking for something a bit taller?  Take a look at our Torino style Chimney Shroud.  It combines the same details as the Hacienda, but with taller walls and a hip-ridge style roof.


RS model enervex chimney fan

Have a fireplace or a wood fired oven that just won't draft correctly?  We stock and sell the Enervex RS and Enervex RSHT (high temperature) fans for fireplaces and pizza ovens.  These horizontal discharge fans are quiet and easily hidden by our open sided Hacienda copper chimney shroud.


Copper Shroud Finishes


See our installation guide for more information.


Andy In The Shop

 making something custom

Size 35” x 54” x 15”

Kynar® Aluminum

Emboseed, Stucco Finish Mill, Silver







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