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The Dallas
Copper Chimney Cap

copper dallas chimney cap
The Dallas Chimney Cap is a simple, elegant, design that is both functional and decorative.  Usually our Dallas Caps are made as a chase cover/chimney cap combination.  This provides the benefit of protecting the crown of your chimney with a copper covering with a seamless transition into a chimney cap that will keep animals and weather out of your chimney flues.

Dallas caps are custom made to size, ensuring your job is completed with no compromises.  Think your chimney is too big?  Think again....the pictures below of actual products show a 12' long Dallas Cap we made in Zinc Covered Copper (sometimes called "Freedom Gray".)

When you call about a chimney shroud, we'll have some questions.  Along with size, we'll ask you what type of fuel is being burned, how long the run is, etc.  Why do we do this?  We want to make sure we make you a chimney cap that will allow all your systems to maintain proper draft, and last for years to come.

Some Shop & Field Pics of our Dallas Cap.  Click for Bigger Images!

freedom gray copper chimney cap shroud custom

copper dallas chimney cap custom size

The 12' long Zinc Coated Copper (Freedom Gray) Dallas Cap, Ready to Ship!

Note our new punch pattern on this copper dallas cap in the shop


copper chimney cap copper dallas cap copper chase cover

copper chimney cap install

A taller than usual Dallas chimney cap

Same tall Dallas Chimney cap.  This one had the roof installed on site


copper dallas chimney cap volko copper cap

Our copper chimney shrouds are made here by hand in the USA.  They are custom to each job, and can be made to your specifications.  Something specific you want?  Ask us.  Top mounted?  OK.  Different size mesh punch, or just open sides?  OK.  Larger cap portion compared to base portion?  No problem.


Give us a call at 1-800-685-8263, or email us and we will get right with you on pricing.




RS model enervex chimney fan

Have a fireplace or a wood fired oven that just won't draft correctly?  We stock and sell the Enervex RS and Enervex RSHT (high temperature) fans for fireplaces and pizza ovens.  These horizontal discharge fans are quiet and easily hidden by a tall Dallas shroud.  Should you go this route, give us a call and we will make sure everything is sized for your application.


 copper chimney shroud finishes
See our installation guide for more information.

measure for a chimney cap






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