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How are Copper Chimney Pots Made?

Like we said before, our copper chimney pots are hand made in the USA.  We are usually too busy cutting and assembling these pots to snap a picture, but this should give you an idea of what goes into just the assembly....


assembly of copper chimney pots

Parts laid out for final assembly.  Note the hours of production time that went into all of this cutting, bending, rolling, etc.....


hand soldered copper chimney pots

copper chimney pot fabrication

final copper chimny pot assembled

Think about the linear footage of soldering work...remember circumference = pi * d.......

Clearly we skipped a few steps.  Lots of work to keep everything aligned.

Assembled!  All Installer has to do is put on top of chimney with pins or solder to a copper chase cover.


Final Chimney Pot Product, ready for rain cap and to ship.



Natural Burnished Patina Lead Dipped Stainless Natural Sanded


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