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Cape Rose Copper Chimney Pot
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The Cape Rose
Copper Chimney Pot


Add the timeless look of Vintage Copper

Copper chimney pots weigh a fraction that of clay, making installation very easy. All seams are soldered and your chimney cap will not warp or crack. Copper chimney caps withstand high winds, earthquakes, and increase draft.

The Cape Rose was designed with a nautical theme in mind.  As such we have sold many of these to folks who want to put a finishing touch on their classic beach house.  The round shape and classic top is reminiscent of the coastlines of Maine, Cape Cod, and California.



Cape Rose Stock Sizes

Base Height Weight
18" x 18" 33" 23 lb
18" x 18" 40" 27 lb
20" x 20" 36" 25 lb
20" x 20" 43" 30 lb
26" x 26" 50" 36 lb




Call, fax or e-mail your chimney measurements and flue pipe specifications for a custom quote.  Please let us know if you are burning wood or gas...the Cape Rose Chimney Pot in the picture above has been louvered for gas.

copper cape rose chimney pots, round copper chimney pots

These four Cape Rose copper chimney pots were recently made for wood burning fireplaces (note no louvers in the base) and sent up to a waterfront home in New Hampshire.  These are our stock size 18"x18"x36" units.  They were mounted in pairs on large two flue fireplaces, and the customer fabricated his own copper chase covers on site.

Mounting them to the chase covers was a breeze.  The installer pop riveted them to the chase covers, and then soldered the seams.


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Cape Rose Chimney Pot

Copper Finishes for Chimney Pot